21 December 2012

2012: april edition

in april, g went on our second transatlantic cruise.  this one left from san juan, went to a couple places in the caribbean before cruising through the atlantic and then stopping in the canary islands, portugal, and ending in spain.

in st. maarten, we went to maho beach.  here is a picture that i took of KLM's 747 coming in from amsterdam.  yes, it is truly that close!  the beach is literally at the end of the runway.  if you think the landing is pretty neat, you should experience the take off!  the jet blast literally blows you back - g even got blown into the water! 

we sailed on the adventure of the seas.  we really enjoy cruising with royal caribbean and had another great experience on a beautiful ship.  there was so much to do onboard and the staff was fantastic!   

in lanzarote, we rode camels.  yes, camels!  it was definitely an experience, though not one i'd probably do again.  those camels STINK! and yes, they do spit (notice their mouths covered).

in madeira (an island off portugal), we experienced one of the traditions of the island riding in a toboggan down the very steep streets.  the view up the side of the volcano was breathtaking!

we met a lot of great people that we will hopefully keep in touch with for years to come.  the nice thing about a longer cruise is the chance to get to know others onboard.  we spent many evenings chatting with the waitstaff in the champagne bar and in the dining room each night.  and of course we became very close with our table-mates.  here's a picture of g and i with mark and melissa, a lovely couple from london.  along with mark and melissa, we sat at dinner with our new friends john and ryan from new jersey, and our chicago friend bryant.  it was a lovely way to finish off every day onboard our cruise.

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Gary said...

it really was a nice vacation!

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