30 December 2012

2012: december edition

thanks for amusing me with my 12 days of 2012 countdown.  i know it's been a bore for some of you (*yawn* Zzz Zzz Zzz).  as it seems most years do lately, 2012 came to a quick and sudden end.  where does time go?

the final month of the year always starts off with a big celebration.  yes, my BIRTHDAY! surprisingly i didn't make such a big deal of my special day this year - i just wasn't feeling it.  i worked on my actual birthday, but the following day andrea and i went to bottle and bottega where we painted glass ornaments.  i have little to no artistic ability.  i literally spent over an hour on my first ornament.  although it turned out alright, it left me little time for my remaining two ornaments (sorry lilly and anderson on your boring ornaments!).  but it was a lot of fun! 

that weekend we attended the Chicago Gay Men's Chorus Holiday concert.  we had never been before, but having a few friends in the chorus we happily attended.  it was cute and quite enjoyable.  afterwards we met up with a few friends for drinks to celebrate my birthday (see, low-key!).  

the following week we had brickwork done inside our condo.  knowing we couldn't both deal with the chaos, i went to work while g stayed at home to oversee everything.  the company that did the work did an excellent job.  we're very happy with how it turned out - and even happier that it's done!

before and after

christmas came out of nowhere, perhaps because of everything that was going on at the start of the month.  shortly after the brickwork was completed in our place, i had the christmas decorations put up!  

boston at christmas

in all, 2012 was a very good year.  looking forward to even more excellent memories and great things to come in 2013! 


29 December 2012

2012: november edition

prior to our semi-spontaneous hawaiian get-away in september, g and i had previous planned a trip to maui over the thanksgiving holiday.  though our families weren't initially thrilled because we had hosted thanksgiving at our place for the previous four years, we had decided that this is something that we wanted to do.  we both were fortunate enough to have vacation the week of thanksgiving.

view from our condo
we flew to san diego the night prior, had dinner with a friend of g's, and flew out early the next morning.  it was perfect - we got great seats together and landed around 10am maui-time.  we got our car and drove to the northwest part of the island for lunch.  our hawaiian vacation was underway!  our condo was quite nice and close to everything that we liked.

we were joined on our vacation by a couple of our friends a few days later.  we had nice beach days and dinners together.  on our last day on the island we took a snorkle tour, which g and i LOVED.  it made it hard to leave.  i cannot wait to a) visit hawaii again soon and b) go snorkeling somewhere!

on the snorkeling boat

28 December 2012

2012: october edition

one of the great things about my job is visiting some of my favorite cities.  it's even better when i'm working with friends or great crews.

here are some a couple of the places i visited during the month.


while enjoying a long overnight in newark, my friend manny and i went into the city where we met up with my friend john (that g and i met on our recent transatlantic cruise).  we visited the 9/11 memorial before going to see ricky martin starring in evita.  after the show we met up with some of manny's friends for drinks.  it was a great evening in nyc!


one of my all-time favorite cities in america, and i was flying with a great crew that wanted to go into the city and explore.  i was happy to oblige!  we walked around boston common, newbury street, quincy markey, and faneuil hall before stopping for a bite to eat.  it was an action-packed day and a fantastic fall day in boston!

27 December 2012

2012: september edition

thanks to a wonderful living social escape, g and i spent part of our month in hawaii.

up until september, i'd only been to hawaii one time and we spent all of that time on maui.  though i absolutely loved the island, i wanted to experience diamond head and pearl harbor on oahu.  so on this trip, we decided to spend a couple days on oahu before making our way to maui.

we're extremely fortunately to fly to hawaii for absolutely nothing.  however, that sometimes means taking the long way there.  we flew from chicago to washington-dullas, then took at 10.5 hour flight to honolulu.  thought we got decent seats it was a LONG flight.  (did i mention that we were unable to consume alcoholic beverages on the flights?!)

once we arrived in honolulu, we checked into our hotel and explored the area.  after a quick, tasty sushi dinner we retired for the evening.  we woke up early, walked along waikiki beach and the surrounding area.  i wasn't overly impressed with the area and insisted that we accomplish our sightseeing as quickly as possible.  we were able to visit pearl harbor on sept. 11.  i thought that it might be a day of increased traffic, but luckily it wasn't.  pearl harbor and the uss arizona are something that all americans should see. there's so much in our nation's history that should be experienced.

later in the day we hiked diamond head.  it was a bit of a walk there, but the view was absolutely breathtaking.

after our busy day in oahu, i was ready to get to maui where we could relax and enjoy the beach and sun!

26 December 2012

2012: august edition

as always, the summer months seem to fly by.  i continued to work on a special project at work that required me to spend many nights in dallas, working at headquarters during the day.  i will say that headquarters is a very unique place.  the culture of the company is written on the walls, quite literally.  there are pictures, posters, letters, uniforms, quotes, awards, and murals covering the walls in every hallway.  here is a very small sampling of what can be seen roaming around the headquarters building.  it really is a neat sight to see.

mural just outside of inflight training

later in the month we to bloomington for an IU reunion, of sorts.  it was a lot of fun spending time with our closest friends and one of my favorite places ever!  oliver winery, restaurants, campus walks, drinks out and reminiscing with friends made up a wonderful weekend.

beautiful oliver winery
sink the biz at nick's
fun times with friends (where's annie?!)

25 December 2012

indiana christmas

                        happy christmas to all!

one of my favorite christmas songs.  how could it not make me think of home?

24 December 2012

2012: july edition

i always tell people who want to come visit chicago to do so in the warmer months.  sure it may be a bit warm, but there's so much to do and see!  

my family came to visit one weekend in july and i insisted that we do the architecture river cruise.  i had done it a couple times before, but there's always something new to learn.  it's so interesting to view the city from a completely different perspective.  

uncle g and anderson on the "city bus"
over the july 4th weekend, i had a long overnight trip in las vegas.  i invited andrea to join me for the night.  wouldn't you know, after all the nights i had been there all summer long it was the ONE time that it poured down rain all afternoon?!  we still managed to have a good time and made our way to the strip later in the evening.  we walked around, did a little bit of gambling, and enjoyed dinner before heading back to the hotel.  it was a short trip, but it was nice.


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