26 December 2012

2012: august edition

as always, the summer months seem to fly by.  i continued to work on a special project at work that required me to spend many nights in dallas, working at headquarters during the day.  i will say that headquarters is a very unique place.  the culture of the company is written on the walls, quite literally.  there are pictures, posters, letters, uniforms, quotes, awards, and murals covering the walls in every hallway.  here is a very small sampling of what can be seen roaming around the headquarters building.  it really is a neat sight to see.

mural just outside of inflight training

later in the month we to bloomington for an IU reunion, of sorts.  it was a lot of fun spending time with our closest friends and one of my favorite places ever!  oliver winery, restaurants, campus walks, drinks out and reminiscing with friends made up a wonderful weekend.

beautiful oliver winery
sink the biz at nick's
fun times with friends (where's annie?!)

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Gary said...

and I "won" at sink the biz!!

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