27 December 2012

2012: september edition

thanks to a wonderful living social escape, g and i spent part of our month in hawaii.

up until september, i'd only been to hawaii one time and we spent all of that time on maui.  though i absolutely loved the island, i wanted to experience diamond head and pearl harbor on oahu.  so on this trip, we decided to spend a couple days on oahu before making our way to maui.

we're extremely fortunately to fly to hawaii for absolutely nothing.  however, that sometimes means taking the long way there.  we flew from chicago to washington-dullas, then took at 10.5 hour flight to honolulu.  thought we got decent seats it was a LONG flight.  (did i mention that we were unable to consume alcoholic beverages on the flights?!)

once we arrived in honolulu, we checked into our hotel and explored the area.  after a quick, tasty sushi dinner we retired for the evening.  we woke up early, walked along waikiki beach and the surrounding area.  i wasn't overly impressed with the area and insisted that we accomplish our sightseeing as quickly as possible.  we were able to visit pearl harbor on sept. 11.  i thought that it might be a day of increased traffic, but luckily it wasn't.  pearl harbor and the uss arizona are something that all americans should see. there's so much in our nation's history that should be experienced.

later in the day we hiked diamond head.  it was a bit of a walk there, but the view was absolutely breathtaking.

after our busy day in oahu, i was ready to get to maui where we could relax and enjoy the beach and sun!

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Gary said...

it was a whirlwind Oahu trip!

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