29 December 2012

2012: november edition

prior to our semi-spontaneous hawaiian get-away in september, g and i had previous planned a trip to maui over the thanksgiving holiday.  though our families weren't initially thrilled because we had hosted thanksgiving at our place for the previous four years, we had decided that this is something that we wanted to do.  we both were fortunate enough to have vacation the week of thanksgiving.

view from our condo
we flew to san diego the night prior, had dinner with a friend of g's, and flew out early the next morning.  it was perfect - we got great seats together and landed around 10am maui-time.  we got our car and drove to the northwest part of the island for lunch.  our hawaiian vacation was underway!  our condo was quite nice and close to everything that we liked.

we were joined on our vacation by a couple of our friends a few days later.  we had nice beach days and dinners together.  on our last day on the island we took a snorkle tour, which g and i LOVED.  it made it hard to leave.  i cannot wait to a) visit hawaii again soon and b) go snorkeling somewhere!

on the snorkeling boat

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Gary said...

I'm proud of us for trying the snorkeling. We were both VERY apprehensive about that elusive shark but when we finally were able to get in the water (damn wind) it was a blast. I agree, I can't wait to do it again!!

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