24 December 2012

2012: july edition

i always tell people who want to come visit chicago to do so in the warmer months.  sure it may be a bit warm, but there's so much to do and see!  

my family came to visit one weekend in july and i insisted that we do the architecture river cruise.  i had done it a couple times before, but there's always something new to learn.  it's so interesting to view the city from a completely different perspective.  

uncle g and anderson on the "city bus"
over the july 4th weekend, i had a long overnight trip in las vegas.  i invited andrea to join me for the night.  wouldn't you know, after all the nights i had been there all summer long it was the ONE time that it poured down rain all afternoon?!  we still managed to have a good time and made our way to the strip later in the evening.  we walked around, did a little bit of gambling, and enjoyed dinner before heading back to the hotel.  it was a short trip, but it was nice.


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